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How To Shut Off

Your Propane Tank

There are a number of instances in which you might feel the need to shut off your propane tank. In case of the loss of electricity, you propane tank should not be affected, although depending on the type of appliances you own, they may not work without power. 

If you determine that you tank needs to be shut off immediately, follow these steps to complete it yourself, or call our office and one of our serviceman would be happy to do it for you.

The first thing you need to know about propane is that it is heavier than air and will flow along the ground like water.  So it there is a serious leak, stay uphill from the tank or leak if possible.

The propane tanks are easy to shut off.  There is a valve at the top of the tank that is like the one on your barbecue, just turn the valve until the gas shuts off. 


This valve is normally covered by a hinged dome.  Go and take a look at your tank and find out where this valve is located prior to a problem.

If the tank itself is damaged, stay away from it and evacuate the area.  Remember propane will flow downhill and spread out so you may have to warn neighbors.  Do not come back until the gas has completely dissipated.

If you smell gas in the house from a leak caused by damaged or loose pipes, evacuate the house, shut the gas off and wait for the gas inside the house to dissipate. After the gas is turned off make sure that any damage or leaks are repaired and all of your pilot lights are relit. 


Just remember that propane is highly flammable and under the right conditions explosive. If you are unsure what to do the best option is to always call our office. 

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